Impact Doors Resistant To Forced Entry and Burglary Attempts

Impact doors, also known as hurricane-resistant doors, are primarily designed to withstand the extreme forces of hurricanes and other severe weather conditions. While their main purpose is to protect against wind-borne debris and structural damage, impact doors can also offer a level of resistance to forced entry and burglary attempts. However, it is important to note that impact doors are not specifically designed or marketed as security doors, and their level of resistance may vary. The construction of impact doors involves layers of reinforced glass or laminated glass, which is held together by a strong interlayer. This design enhances their strength and durability, making them more difficult to break through compared to standard doors. The impact-resistant glass used in these doors is capable of absorbing and dispersing the force of an impact, reducing the likelihood of shattering.


When it comes to forced entry attempts, impact doors can provide a higher level of security compared to traditional doors. The reinforced glass used in their construction is significantly more difficult to break than regular glass, making it a deterrent for potential burglars. Moreover, the interlayer in the glass further impedes forced entry by preventing the door from being easily penetrated or breached. While impact doors can offer some degree of resistance to forced entry, it is important to consider additional security measures for comprehensive protection against burglaries. Reinforcing the door frame and hinges, adding deadbolt locks, and installing a security system are advisable steps to enhance security further.  It is worth mentioning that determined intruders may still find ways to gain access despite the presence of impact doors.

Techniques such as drilling, prying, or attacking weak points like door locks and hinges can compromise any door’s security. However, the added strength and durability of impact doors can increase the time and effort required for unauthorized entry, potentially deterring opportunistic burglars. When choosing impact doors with security in mind, it is advisable to consult with manufacturers or security professionals who can guide you in selecting the most appropriate options and click site They can provide valuable insights into the specific security features of impact doors, their resistance to forced entry, and any additional measures that can be taken to enhance security. In summary, while impact doors are primarily designed for hurricane protection, they can offer some level of resistance to forced entry and burglary attempts. Their reinforced glass construction and interlayer make them more difficult to break through compared to standard doors. However, for comprehensive security, it is recommended to combine impact doors with additional security measures tailored to your specific needs.