solitaire diamond rings singapore

All About a solitaire diamond Ring

A solitaire ring is a wedding band or right-hand ring that highlights only a single elective gem or stone. In all jewelry, from regular jewelry to lab-grown jewelry, this style is one of the best-known wedding band plans, next to sparkles and three stone rings. Many customers choose the solitaire ring setting because of its timeless style and ability to show off explicit highlights. It allows the attention to be on the middle stone, keeping the ground plan and at the same time stunning.

The solitaire diamond rings singapore is the most flexible of all the ring styles, essentially because having just one stone makes it much easier to design in multiple settings. One can choose a conventional set up to keep the ring simple, or a high-end setup to add more zest. Regardless of the plan highlights one chooses, one can never go wrong with an exemplary wedding band.

Patience rings have been around as long as rings originally existed. They were the main type of ring that existed until the jewelry business took off. By the 1940s, the De Beers gemstone company took over much of the market, but until then jewelry was only for the rich. With too many gems (truth be told, mined gems are not and never have been interesting) and insufficient business, De Beers chose to enlist the N.W. Ayer promoter organization to turn the business around. The firm’s mission statement – “A Diamond Is Forever” – changed the way the entire world viewed gemstone wedding rings.